Dogs in pyjamas for people having a shitty day

I’m convinced everyone should have a few go to Google searches for when you are feeling sad. 

Just so you can look at something that makes your day a little bit brighter. 

This is my favourite: 

Dogs wearing pyjamas. (And looking cosy af!) 

I picked 15 of them to brighten your day: 

  1. This cutie and his Dino pyjamas. 

2. Apparently this dog belongs to singer Demi Lovato. And while she’s out performing her pup likes to sit at home and chill in his onesie. 

3. These snuggle buddies! 

4. This cutie who might be planning on going to bed, but could also be on his way to a costume party where he’ll win 1st prize for being the best dressed! 

5. This little hair ball all ready for a night in! 

6. This beauty who knows exactly how adorable he is. 

7. This dog, with his giraffe friend and his adorable penguin pjs! 

8. This little buddy just up and ready to snuggle! 

9. This pyjama party 

10. This ducky slipper wearing piece of gold! 

11. #twinning 

12. This little ball of softness and sunshine. 

13. This one who is just wondering what he did wrong 

14. This level of relaxation I strongly hope to achieve one day 

15. This dog who is all of us on a relaxing night in

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