10 things I learned while living on my own for a month:

1. Home is where your parents live and it might stay that way for a while. 

2. Missing your own bed can in fact be a thing whilst lying in your own bed. 

3. You really cannot scrub tefal pans. You have to let them soak. Even when you’ve read this a thousand times and think it won’t really hurt. 

4. Living with friends is in fact as much fun as it sounds even if you do disagree sometimes. 

5. Missing your parents is perfectly okay. 

6. A five minute bike ride to uni will not allow you to sleep in. 8:45 lectures are still torture. 

7. DIYs are fun… But DIYs will not be as easy as they look and sometimes it’s best to just buy the thing.  

8. You’ll get used to the fourth floor sooner then you think.

9. 10 minute bike rides at night will feel like 2 minutes when with a friend and like an hour when alone. 

10. A truth or dare game for kids that one of your roommates found in the back of their closet can, in fact, lead you to have deep talks about the meaning of life and it is awesome. 

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